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Book Geek Quote #302

Don’t let the reality destroy the dream. Let the dream destroy the reality.

George Moore (via twentyfirstcenturyvagabond)


small actions lead to big change. join the net impact small steps big wins challenge, take action, and win prizes — taking actions as simple as going inside the backstory can earn you points!


I promise to get involved with this group next quarter when Accounting and Finance aren’t killing me


7 important benefits of omega-3 fatty acids
There are many benefits to eating omega-3 rich foods, including a healthier brain and heart and a lowered rate of anxiety. And that’s just for starters.

Southern New Hampshire University is making strides to show off eco-friendly styles.  Check out more details about the event below.


100% Recycled. 100% Awesome.

Check out the new Earth911 tees here!


 Have you ever wondered just how BIG is the ocean? This short video explains it all! Thanks Ted-Ed for it. 

(via mushinews)


Garment Workers In Bangladesh Burn Down Factory After Worker Is Killed, Causes $100 Million In Damage

Arson is being blamed for a huge fire at a garment factory in Bangladesh which makes clothes for Western brands, fire and police authorities say.

The fire gutted a 10-storey building at Gazipur, 40km (25 miles) from Dhaka.

No-one was reported injured in Friday’s fire.

Police say that the fire follows protests by garment workers to demand higher wages and better conditions. A garment factory collapse in April killed more than 1,100 people.

We think it’s an act of arson committed by workers from both inside the factory complex and outside," Mosharraf Hossain, a senior officer in the Industrial Police force, told the AFP news agency.

Police and witnesses said tempers flared after a mosque loudspeaker announced that a garments worker had been killed when police opened fire and used tear gas to disperse a road blockade by workers who had clashed with police near the factory on Thursday morning.

The loss to the firm could run into more than $100 million, estimated another group official, who asked not to be identified, saying the final tally could exceed his figure.

Nur-e-Alam, a senior manager of Standard Group, said the factory had stored the next six months of its supplies for top global retailers, including Gap, Wal-Mart and American Eagle.


(via america-wakiewakie)

(via climate-changing)

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.

Anne Frank  (via unitedbyblue)


While you’re scouring the web or using your favorite shopping app to find the best Cyber Monday deals, take a second to ask companies ‪#‎WhoMadeMy‬ electronics?


From Shifting Gears, Lessons from Copenhagan to Encourage Bicycling in the US.


truebluemeandyou: DIY Fabric Coil Bowl. This is what is popular on my blog today.

DIY Fabric Coil Bowl Tutorial from The Red Thread Blog here. This is a cheap project where you can use any fabric, thick yarn, hardware store cord etc… There is also has a simple chart on how to cut a continuous strip of fabric (recycled tee shirt for one). First seen at MAKE here.

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